Bird & Bee Nest Removal

Bird & Bee Nest Removal Services


Want to know the easiest way for bird or bee nest removal? Simple, contact AJET Services to remove them for you (note: AJET will only provide services for vacant bee nest removal, so no wildlife will be harmed in the removal). We highly suggest not taking care of this yourself to ensure the safety of the animals as well.

We promise, this will be the easiest and stress free way to ensure removal of bird and bee nests will be dealt with carefully and precisely. Just give us a call today for more information and for a price quote!

6 East Steps to Bee Nest Removal

  1. Make sure you’re not allergic.
  2. Make sure you have the proper safety gear. Wear light colored and smooth textured clothes. Make sure to have a beekeepers veil and leather gloves.
  3. Locate the beehive.
  4. Kill in winter or early spring in the late afternoon, when the hive is the smallest and when they are sleeping.
  5. Use a good insecticide to kill the bees. Repeat this spraying process several times to ensure they all get killed.
  6. Once you spray the insecticide, remove the hive in a secure trash bag in a secure trash bin.

Easy Steps to Bird Removal:

  1. Wear the appropriate safety gear (long sleeves, long pants, latex gloves, respiratory mask)
  2. Inspect the nest to ensure no eggs are in them.
  3. Once confirmed the nest is empty, spray with an over the counter antibacterial spray.
  4. Remove the nest. Ensure it is placed in a tightly sealed bag and/or container.
  5. Clean the area the nest was in with disinfectant.
  6. Fix up the area that the nest was in to be unappealing to future birds coming to make a nest (add a fake owl, cat, dog, etc).
  7. Dispose of the mask and gloves and wash all attire immediately with hot water.

Fun facts about bird & bee nests:

  1. Bumble bees are primarily attracted to making nests in birdhouses.
  2. Bumble bees prefer used nests, so making sure removal of all nests are a must.
  3. Birds are attracted to areas with plenty of sticks, straw, dry grass, moss, bark strips, etc. to create their nests.
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