Custom Trailer Pressure Washer Setups

AJET Services has been in the pressure washing industry for over 30 years and we have extensive experience building and using trailer/vehicle mounted pressure washers. We can help you build a pressure washer that can get any job done at a professional level. We offer standard packages, but any of the below items can be modified to fit your need.

Along with our custom builds we will install and provide consistent maintenance services to your custom pressure washer (must be located in the state of Utah).

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Basic Custom
Pressure Washer Includes:

        • Skid 
        • Water Tank
        • Trailer 

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Standard Custom Pressure Washer Includes:

        • Skid 
        • Water Tank
        • Trailer 
        • Toolbox
        • Hose Reels 

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Each of the above packages can be customized to your needs. AJET Services will put together a package that will be suit you. They will recommend going through the questions below before contacting our techs to make sure this process is as easy and painless. If you’re not sure on some of them, no problem we will talk you through it!

  • Pressure washer brand preference
  • Cold or hot water
  • How many PSI?
  • How many GPM?
  • Water Tank (how many gallons?)
  • Enclosed or open trailer
  • Chemical Tanks (yes/no, how many?)
  • Chemical pre-sprayer pump(s) (yes/no, how many?) 
  • Hose reels (yes/no, how many?)
  • Built in tool box (yes/no, how many?)
  • Built in ladder rack (yes/no, how many?)
  • Winterization kits (yes/no)
  • Accessories (what accessories to you nee? Unloaders, wands, spray guns, adapters, filters, pumps, etc)

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