Day Porter Services

Did you know that AJET Services offers day porter services in Utah? Whether you own a strip mall, commercial building or your own residence, we can make sure your building looks professional, clean and presentable at all times. Our day porter services include:

Day porting:

  1. Restroom restock
  2. Lobby maintenance
  3. Maintenance tasks
  4. Trash pickup (picking up trash, as well as emptying and replacing trash liners in and outside of the facility/building)
  5. Cleaning communal areas (kitchens, break rooms, patios, etc)
  6. Meeting setup/tear down

We also offer:

  1. Office space cleaning
  2. Commercial cleaning
  3. Residential cleaning
  4. Move-in/out cleaning
  5. Pre/post party cleanup
  6. Construction cleaning
  7. And much more

We are also available for any pressure washing needs. Whether it’s for the exterior walls, sidewalks, dumpsters, entry ways, etc AJET Services can make sure everything looks brand new.

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