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Graffiti Removal Services

Are you tired of seeing that graffiti on the side of your buildings or on the streets of your neighborhood? Graffiti removal helps prevent future tagging’s in that same spot. By having graffiti removed right away, graffiti artists realize they should not waste their time and effort in a spot that will get taken down immediately. You should also get this graffiti removed right away because most cities require these to be taken down within a certain amount of time (ie 72 hours is a common time frame). This is why you should contact a professional right away.

At AJET Services, we are available to come provide graffiti removal services within 24-48 hours because we know how important it is to help prevent future tagging’s. With our heavy duty pressure washing equipment and expertise, we are capable of making sure it looks as if no paint was ever on that site.

Graffiti Removal


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