How Long Does it Take to Pressure Wash a House?

How long it takes to power wash the exterior of your home can take anywhere from 30 minutes – 2.5 hours (plus 30 minutes for setup and pack up/clean up). However there are many factors that will determine roughly how long it takes to power wash your home. 

Here are some factors to consider on determining how long YOUR house might take to power wash: 

House Size (these times are not exact but a rough estimate)

1500-2000 sq foot home: 45 minutes

2500- 3500 sq foot home: 1 hour

4000 sq foot home: 1.5 hours 

4500 sq foot home: 2 hours

5000 sq foot home: 2.5 hours 

Type of Siding on the House

Is your home made of brick, wood, steel, cement, stone, stucco? Some materials are very sensitive and delicate which would require extra care and time when cleaning.

Your Home Surroundings

Depending on the shape of your house and what the surrounding of your home is (large trees) may make it harder to reach and power wash some of the exterior of the home. In order to reach some of these hard to reach surfaces, it may add more time to carefully maneuver around the home. 

Current Cleanliness 

The time it takes to pressure wash your home will have a lot to do with the current cleanliness of your home. If you power wash your home on an annual basis, then of course it will take less time to clean. However, if dirt, algae, and other spots have been growing for years on the exterior of your home, this can slow the process of cleaning because it will require more work to get everything off and clean. 

Number of Workers 

Of course, the more workers means the faster it would take to power wash a house. If you decide to power wash your house by yourself, it will take you a decent amount of time, effort and stress which is why it is always better to hire a professional crew. 

Experience Levels

Professional power washers will be quicker and more efficient versus doing it yourself or having a family member/friend do it for you. Professionals have done it a million times so they know the exact techniques and skills it takes to get the job done.


A small personal pressure washer versus a commercial power washer will be a big difference in the amount of time it takes to clean your home exterior. Commercial power washers will have more power/pressure to get that dirt and grime off. A personal pressure washer may require you to go over the house a couple times (depending on how dirty it is) to get it clean, which will of course take longer.

Hiring a professional with a commercial power washer will also help ensure no damage will be done to your house because they know the exact pressure and materials it takes to get the job done without ruining the exterior of your home. 

The Prep 

To help speed up the process you can do your part by prepping your home to be pressure washed. This means the following: 

  1. Areas to be cleaned (including rooftops, gates and access panels) are open, available and ready for cleaning.
  2. Water spigot is activated and accessible.
  3. All windows and doors are shut tightly.
  4. Please have screens removed for better rinsing between windows if you have heavy debris between window and screen. Must remove if you are having windows cleaned specifically.
  5. Please have all pets/people inside before and during cleaning.
  6. Work areas close to cleaning are clear of all items and sensitive materials.
  7. Please avoid using water during cleaning service to ensure no loss of pressure or volume.
  8. While AJET Services has implemented procedures and processes to cover electrical outlets, we suggest the Client shut off power to all exterior outlets that are not covered with exterior covers. 
How Long Does It Take to Power Wash a House?

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