Janitorial Services

Offering Janitorial Services In Utah

Did you know AJET Services is also available for your janitorial needs? We are available to keep your business (inside and out) looking in tip top shape with our day porting services. This includes picking up garbage, emptying trash cans, scouting out any maintenance needed, anything that will help make your location look clean and professional. We also offer pressure washing services for any items around your business that need a deep cleaning (sidewalks, entryways, exterior walls, etc). So whether it’s for a strip mall, airport, or small shopping center, we are available for all your pressure washing and janitorial needs.

Keep you and your family safe by getting the outside touch points that can transfer diseases disinfected. AJET Services will visit your neighborhood on the day that trash is collected and disinfect items like your garbage cans, door handles, handrails, mailbox, etc.  We only use chemicals that are CDC-approved to kill the coronavirus.

Our COVID-19 Disinfection Services:

  • Trash Cans
  • Touch Point Areas: mailboxes, doorknobs, handrails, small shipping parcels, garage door keypads.

We are also available to clean and disinfect commercial buildings and restaurants. 

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