Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

Never Miss a Cleaning

Compliance Pre-Inspection
We conduct a pre-inspection of the system to ensure that it meets code.  Many facilities are unaware of existing compliance risks.  If deficiencies are discovered, we will help you remedy them.
NFPA96 Compliant Cleaning

We are State licensed and clean to NFPA96 standards.  We place a completion sticker on the hood and provide/file the required reporting to the authorities so you can rest easy.

Peace of Mind

Kitchen managers have a lot on their plate and trying to keep track of cleaning requirements and schedules is another stress that you don’t need.  Our scheduling manager will ensure you meet due dates, avoid fires, and are confident about inspections so you can focus on running your kitchen.

Polished and Shining

You take pride in your kitchen, so we don’t just clean to meet regulatory requirements, we polish the hood and make it look amazing.

We also take care to clean the floor and nearby areas to make sure they are looking great when your staff comes in the morning.

Available 24 Hours a Day

We can conduct cleanings on your schedule, meaning you don’t need to shut the kitchen down to have the cleaning done.  We can come after hours and be cleaned up and out before the prep crew arrives in the morning.

We Stand By Our Work

If you are unsatisfied with any part of our work, let us know and we will do what we can to make it awesome.


We’ve been cleaning for over 35 years.  We’ve seen a lot in that time and know what we need to do to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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