Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Range Hoods

Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Range Hood Cleaning Services


Restaurants are subject to keeping a clean and safe environment for themselves and for the public. This means following state and federal health, food, safety and fire codes. By following and ensuring each of these codes you are protecting your employees, establishment and your customers.

The Utah State Fire Marshal states that the number one item in the kitchen to look out for is the kitchen exhaust and fire suppression system. It is not only critical to make sure these are up to code and maintained but it is also the law! You are required every 6 months to have someone clean and take a look at it to make sure everything is looking good.

Tips to making sure your range hood is up to code:

  • Your restaurants exhaust must be cleaned if there is deposits and grease inside the system.
  • Inspection must be done by a certified company or person. Make sure they are authorized by the state or local fire marshal.
  • Panels in the ducts should not be installed more than 20 feet apart.
  • Areas to clean around your restaurant: floor, backsplash, appliances, hood, plenum, ducts, fans, fan housing and roof areas.
  • Must be “bare metal clean,” anything less will not pass inspection.
  • Exhaust fans should be fully operational and used whenever cooking is taking place.
  • Total air flow in the duct should not be less than 500 feet per minute as it exits.
  • The filter should not be operated with any sort of gaps or with the filters removed.
  • Openings for ventilation should never be blocked while cooking is in progress.
  • Exhaust fans must be hinged with flexible power cables.
  • Fan housings must be constantly drained from grease.
  • The roof structure must be free of grease pile up or corrosive contamination.
  • Must be cleaned according to below:
    • Monthly: must be cleaned monthly if systems serve solid fuel cooking operations.
    • Quarterly: Systems serving high quantity of cooking (24 hour places).
    • Semiannually: Systems serving medium volume cooking.
    • Annually: Systems serving low quantity cooking operations.

Not sure which category your restaurants kitchen falls under? Easy. AJET Services is hood cleaning specialist that can come take a look and give you a price quote!

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