Power Washing Weeds Away

Can I Get Rid of My Weeds With a Pressure Washer?

Having a yard means maintaining those pesky weeds that are constantly popping up. Getting on your hands and knees to pull them out is not the most ideal method. This is why we suggest pressure washing those weeds away. 

How to Get Rid of Weeds With a Pressure Washer: 

  1. Look around and try to pull out those out of control, long weeds that are easy to rip out.
  2. Next, get the pressure out and start spraying away at the rest of the weeds. 
  3. When pressure washing, ensure that you are being gentle around areas such as brick where sand or other types of material is placed in between each to keep it together. The last thing you want to do is eliminate this material. 
  4. After you have pressure washed those weeds away, we recommend using a paving sealer afterwards. This will help set your joint sand and will prevent any damage that may have been done. 

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