Pressure vs Power Washing

Is there a difference between pressure and power washing?

Did you know there is a slight difference between “pressure washing” and “power washing?” See below the differences, as well information on when you should use each of them. 

  • A power washer primarily uses hot water when cleaning surfaces. This is more beneficial when trying to get rid of items like mildew, mold, grease, salt, gum, weeds or any other hard to remove items. The hot water helps loosen and get rid of these hard to remove items more so than cold water will. 
  • A power washer should be used for large or extremely dirty surfaces. Just be sure to only use a power washer on concrete or other hard surfaces because it can damage other materials. 
  • If you have used a pressure washer, especially for your home, you have most likely used a pressure washer over a power washer. A pressure washer does NOT use heated water. It still removes dirt and debris off of surfaces but it does not remove those extremely tough stains. 
  • As mentioned above, a pressure washer is best used for cleaning items like the exterior of your home. You can use it on surfaces like brick, concrete, vinyl or masonry.

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