Pressure Washing Field Manager

Job Title:

Pressure Washing Field Manager

Job Details:

Your primary responsibility will be to provide cleaning services to a list of customers that will be assigned to you and placed in your care. The cleaning jobs consist mostly of the cleaning of restaurant range hoods, pressure washing of concrete and asphalt (side walks, parking garages, ect.) and commercial fleet vehicles. You will be responsible for hiring and training crew members to assist you in completing these jobs and ensuring that the customers are satisfied with the work being conducted.


  • Graveyard and swing shifts
  • You can set your own schedule as long as the jobs are completed and the customer is satisfied.


 $60k-80k/year (including bonus)

  • Pay is commission based (i.e. a percentage of gross profit for each job)
  • Guaranteed minimum hourly rate


Most of the work will be in South Salt Lake city to Provo. There will also be, on occasion, longer distance jobs to Central and Southern Utah. Rates for those jobs will be higher to accommodate travel and lodging.


  • Healthcare coaching and assistance
  • Financial coaching and assistance
  • Dental Insurance


  • Prior to beginning work as a manager you will be required to
  • Complete a minimum of 2 months paid, on-the-job training and pass a written licensing exam.
  • Provide your own equipment and tools
  • Trailer or truck mounted hot pressure washer 5 GPM and 3500 PSI or greater with water tank and chemical dispenser. Pressure washer set up with everything you need can be purchased from us.
  • A vehicle to transport the equipment and yourself to the jobs
  • Various hand tools etc.

To apply please send your resume to ( and let us know what position you are interested in.