Residential Cleaning

Are you tired of looking at the filthy sidewalk or the grease stained driveway outside your home? Are you looking to sell your home and want to ensure everything looks in tip top shape? Or are you simply wanting to ensure the longevity of the exterior of your home?

AJET Services is available for mobile home power washing services. This means we can come to you wherever you are in Utah, to clean the exterior of your home. We can help ensure your home is in the best possible care with our team of pressure washing experts.

See below a few examples of what we can clean around your home:

Homes Exterior / Windows

Have a brick, stucco, or other hard to clean surface? Are you thinking of repainting and want a prepped surface to ensure an amazing end result. Let us take care of you and provide the best exterior house cleaning services.

Driveways / Garages

Are you a realtor wanting to bump up curb appeal or a proud homeowner looking to get a deep cleaning on your driveway? Call us today and let us take care of you with our mobile driveway washing services.

Sidewalks / Walkways

Walkways get dirty here in Utah. You get salt that can damage cement and brick, dust and dirt, as well as other unsightly substances. We can come out and get it looking like new with our mobile pressure washer services.

Patios / Decks

From frequent bbq's and family hang outs on the patio and deck, these surfaces tend to see a ton of build up over a couple of months. Get your patio and decks power washed on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to ensure  they never get ruined. 

Gutter Cleanings

Whether you are looking for someone to clean out your gutters years of built-up debris, or you are looking for a quick clean out from last season, AJET Services is the company for you!

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Why should you trust us to power wash your house?

We are insured!

You work hard for your family and home and want to protect it, we feel the same way. We are insured for $2,000,000 so you have the piece of mind of knowing we got you covered.

Trained professionals!

We ensure the highest quality professionals. In addition we will not send a technician to your home unless they are fully trained for the type of work you require.

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