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Have you looked at your rooftop recently?

Dirt and debris build up can create a place for plants and mold to grow. When you let plants grow, the roots can grow into your structure and damage your rooftop. This will create leaks that will cause further water damage and will result in a very expensive repair. Debris and plants will also end up clogging the drains on your roof. When there is no path for drainage, water will build up over time and once enough of it accumulates, the weight of the water will collapse the rooftop costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair which ultimately will result in a period of time where the business is unable to operate.

At AJET Services we offer three levels of roof top cleaning services:

  1. Full service cleaning
    • This includes pressure washing and scrubbing the entire surface of the roof
    • If you have a white roof it will help enhance the color and the lighter the color will help reduce the heat
  2. Debris pickup and roof rinse off
  3. Debris pickup only

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Rooftop Cleaning in Utah
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