Top 10 Detailing Myths
That Need to Be Adressed

Being in the detailing industry for over 30 years, we have heard all of the crazy detailing myths out there. Today, we want to set the record straight on the top 10 most common ones we hear. 

#1) You can wash your car anytime of the day.

  • This is false because you should not clean your car after it’s been parked in the hot sun for a while. When the soap and water dries it will only end up causing spots.

#2) Dishwashing detergent is the best thing to use when washing your car.

  • Dishwashing detergent will in fact get your car clean, however, it may also remove the polymer that keeps the paint fresh which is something you do not want to happen. 

#3) Washing your car and cleaning your car is the same thing.

  • An example of washing your car is when you drive it through a car wash where they just wash the exterior of your car. While that gets the exterior clean, “washing” does nothing for the interior. Cleaning your vehicle focuses on the exterior and interior.

#4) Your car is clean if it’s shiny.

  • Just because a vehicle is shiny on the outside, doesn’t mean it is “clean.” To test this theory try running your finger over the vehicle after you wash it and see if it feels smooth or bumpy. If it’s bumpy then it is not “clean.” 

#5) Polishing and waxing are similar.

  • Polishing makes the car’s surface shiny and waxing protects the vehicle. Wax does not make a dull surface shiny. 

#6) Waxing lasts up to 5 years.

  • The lifespan of the wax will depend on the condition of the car and nothing else.

#7) Wash your car only when it’s dirty.

  • The problem with waiting until your car has dirt on it, is that it will start to peel the wax and damage the paint finish the longer it sits. 

#8) Waxing removes swirls.

  • Swirl marks on your vehicle are actually scratches. The only way to remove this is to polish them away. Use a good car polisher to get rid of those. 

#9) Machine polishers will damage the paint on your vehicle.

  • As long as you read the instructions and follow basic precautions, a machine polisher is a safe tool to use. 

#10) The best thing to clean a car with are old t-shirts and flannel cloths.

  • These items may feel “soft” but they have a polyester thread that WILL scratch and swirl your car’s coat.
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