Top 3 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Roof

You should power wash your rooftop to help prevent build up and any future damage.

You should get your rooftop power washed once a year to help remove any dirt, debris, branches, wet leaves, etc. These contaminants can build up on your rooftop and end up causing damage you don’t want to pay for. 

See a few more reasons why you should frequently power wash your roof. 

Increase Your Property Value

If you have a plan to sell your home or business in the future, you will want to consider the upkeep of your rooftop. Cleaning your rooftop once a year will help keep it clean and free from any debris, which not only looks unappealing but If potential buyers see that buildup on the roof, it could potentially steer them away. The last thing a buyer wants its to worry about the insane costs it would take to repair/replace a rooftop after the purchase. 

Reduce Energy Costs

The buildup of dirt and debris can cause a rooftop to absorb more heat. This can cause your home/building to maintain higher temperatures, which ultimately means you will need more power to cool the interior down (experts have shown that by maintaining a clean rooftop, you are decreasing the amount in your energy bill). 

Save Money 

When you think about the money you will pay to pressure wash your roof versus what it would cost to repair or replace your rooftop, you will soon realize that regular pressure washing is more appealing.

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